MPS & PTA Tutorials

The videos below demonstrate the full potential of MPS, FBU and PTA. After watching them you will know how to use MPS, FBU and PTA like a pro. Some of them are tutorials, others are simply tips to improve your skills. Earlier videos show an MPS indicator but now MPS is an expert advisor. 

License keys.

In this video I explain how to use MPS license keys.

How to download MPS

Detailed explanation of download process and license request.

New ways of stop placement.

In this video I am showing different methods of stoploss placement.

How to download and install mt4

It is true that MetaQuotes Software corp. forces people to use mt5. In this video I show you how you can avoid this and download mt4 instead.

Patterns setting from files

In this video I do an optimization test for eurusd,30 and attach the backtest file with the best patterns to teach MPS. 

Use custom target ratios

In this video I explain the custom target ratios option that I added to MPSv.5.535. 

How to install/update MPS.

In this short video I explain you how to install/update the newest MPS files to your MT4 terminal folder. 

MPS 5.532 Demonstration

MPS is constantly evolving. Now MPS v.5.532 is available to all MPS customers for free. Enjoy it:)

Fine tune MPS algorithms

Find the best algorithms settings changing them in MPS GUI. Then apply them as default ones.

New keyboard functions

Press V on your keyboard to get quick access to manual functions.

Artificial Intellegence in MPS?

I added a learning engine to MPS. Now you can teach it to recognize your backtest results.

MPS-v.5.525 demonstration

In this video I explain the main functions of MPS, PTA and FBU

Offset functions

MPS Tips. What are Offset, REVERSE and ShowTargets functions? How to use fib targets in FastBacktest.

Introducing FBU

MPS Tips. What’s new in updated MPS? How to find target names? What is delimiter? How test several targets?.


Prepare mt4 platform. Install the software. Set the drawing buffers. Indicator ID function explanation.


The benefit of using multiple algorithms in pattern identification. How to set and switch the algorithms.


Harmonic patterns, Advanced formations, Pesavento patterns and Custom patterns. Set properties

Filters and other functions

Apply filters to increase win probability. Keybord controlled functions. Visual tester tutorial. 

Pattern Trade Assistant

PTA trades the patterns that are drawn by an MPS. It also manages your trades. Learn how.


MPS tips. How the ratios are calculated and where can you see them on your chart?

Create your own pattern

MPS Tips. How to create your own pattern using Custom Pattern function?

Stops and Targets

How to set your stops? How target levels are calculated? How to make the levels invisible?


MPS Tips. How to change the colour of a pattern and its background?


MPS Tips. How to accelerate your backtesting? Fast backtest utillity explanation

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